Weekly menu

At La Mar Salada you will enjoy a varied, balanced and appetising menu at midday from Monday to Friday, with exceptional desserts (Tuesdays closed).


Warm octopus salad with mango, avocado, apple and soy and ginger vinaigrette

Pochée eggs with green asparagus, bearnesa sauce and crunchy bread

Quinoa salad with white pranw, orange, peach apricots, pine nuts and  its coral vinaigrette

Cannelloni stuffed with fresh fish and prawns with soft seafood bechamel (Suppl. 2,50€)

Oil "coca" with roasted peppers, onion jam from Figueres and marinated anchovies



Vitello tonnato ... Beef carpaccio with tuna sauce, white eggplant, pickles and cereal toasts

Seafood rice with mantis shrimp, artichokes and mushrooms (Suppl. 4,95€)

Grilled cod with mushrooms oil, honeyed ratatouille and Iberian bacon

Tempura with white prawns, artichokes, green beans, snow peas and enoki with lime and miso mayonnaise 

Duroc pork cheeks stuffed with goat cheese with potato parmentier and leek chips



Fresh cheese mousse with honey and rosemary ice cream

Carrot cake

Yogurt and vanilla soup with red fruits and Maria Lluïssa ice cream

Puff pastry with dulce de leche and cream cheese




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