Weekly menu

At La Mar Salada you will enjoy a varied, balanced and appetising menu at midday from Monday to Friday, with exceptional desserts (Tuesdays closed).


Soup of fishermen with ravioli stuffed with rock fish, crunchy bread with a ruille

Roast Beef salad with duck magret, pomegranates, orange wedges, pistachios and red fruit vinaigrette

Fresh pasta macaroni with chanterelles, mushrooms, creamy Parmigiano Reggiano

Open omelette with eggs, prawns and leek confit



Cod tartare with cherry tomato, kalamata olives, Cantabrian anchovy, escarole and romesco sauce

 Vermicelli with cuttlefish from Barceloneta, cockles and mushrooms (Suppl. € 4.90)

Our marmitako with bonito "LA MINUTE" roasted pepper

Spider fish tempura with artichokes, green beans, chanterelles, pumpkin with miso mayonnaise and lime

Squid stuffed with corns with sweet ratatouille, ink sauce and salted bulgur



70% chocolate mousse with caramel ice cream

Apple puff pastry with custard cream

Sweet potato cream with crumble and hazelnut ice cream

Mandarine mousse



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