Weekly menu

At La Mar Salada you will enjoy a varied, balanced and appetising menu at midday from Monday to Friday, with exceptional desserts (Tuesdays closed).


Fresh herbs and asparagus cream with mushroom mousse and toast bread

Goat cheese salad with arugula, frisse lettuce and parsley pesto

Ganxet beans with pil pil "cod tripe", black perol saussage and fresh spinach

Cannelloni with fish, prawns and soft seafood bechamel



Beef tartare with pickles and sweet potato chips

Black rice with artichokes, vegetables, chanterelles and shrimp from Sant. Carles (Supl. 5,10€)

Red mullet with seafood artichokes, mussels and saffron 

Prawn tempura with roasted calçots, green beans and eggplant with romesco brava sauce



Hemisphere of citrus mousse

Strawberry soup with cream and balsamic vinegar reduction

Pineapple with lime aroma, rum, anise, creamy coconut and passion sorbet

Chocolate Cake 70% with vanilla ice cream


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