La Mar Salada has served customers who even remembered eating there before the existence of this restaurant in the Barceloneta district, which dates back to December 16, 1993.

- Yes, yes, our family came here long before that.

- And don't you think it might have been another establishment on the Promenade? Because here, before the restaurant there was a warehouse that was just a store.

- It was this place, I'm sure, and I also remember the name. La Mar Salada. Of course! We had certainly come sometimes!

This has happened not once, but many times. Is this an X-File? Well, not necessarily. There is a probable and very simple explanation: this is a place where you find yourself at home and which generates addiction. You come back time and time again; because the prices do not make it prohibitive, because the food deserves it and because you really feel comfortable. The familiarity, the ordinariness and the memory's creativity must do the rest. Just as there are bad experiences that we forget, we reinforce the good ones.