La Mar Salada is a seafood restaurant that assures it goes to buy the fish at the Fish Auction and which, as well as assuring it does, actually does so, for three reasons.

Firstly, because it is the way to more directly get to know both the product and the supplier. Secondly, because of the logistic ease of the fact that the Fish Auction building is a just step away from La Mar Salada, well actually not one step but 327. And thirdly, because Albert Enrich, who is the one who counted the steps, loves going there!

I go four afternoons a week. And I can assure you there are many restaurants in Barcelona, but we do not find many there, eh? I buy between fifteen and eighteen buckets of fish every day. With practice, you end up understanding about the species, qualities and prices, you know what art has been used for fishing and so you know whether the fish has been ill-treated.

Afterwards, of course, this experience is transferred to the menu of La Mar Salada. This is the kingdom of the prawn, not of the same name as that of Palamós but often of the same origin (now there are applications that show the routes of the fishing boats and prove this), but also of the rock fish or anything that has caught Albert's attention hours before at the Auction.


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