The team

The team at the forefront of La Mar Salada is still young. "Not so much anymore, eh? Not anymore!" Marta Cid says. But the reality denies it: it is younger than ever. Well maybe her husband, Albert Enrich, has changed a bit. Or maybe more than a bit, because he now wears a beard. And Marc Singla, always leading the kitchen, obviously must have signed a pact with the devil because he is exactly the same as when Albert and Marta persuaded him to join the project. This trio, whose members complement each other wonderfully, has held the reins of La Mar Salada since they took it over in 2003. Marta describes the work done:

- The early times were crazy, non-stop. I still cannot explain how Albert and I have been able to have and raise three children over these years. Fortunately, now everything is different because we have a stable team in which Albert, Marc and I have delegated responsibilities on key people like Alfons Teruel, who is my right hand man in the room.

The staff of La Mar Salada is now made up of about twenty people between kitchen and service. If you are interested in joining, ask on this form.