The origins of La Mar Salada date back to when the owners of a traditional restaurant of the Barceloneta, Can Ros, bought this place to set up a second trade.

Those people were, and are, Marta Cid's grandparents, Mr. Ramón Cid and Mrs. Rossiter Lorente. But the history of Can Ros goes back another two generations, when it was opened by Marta's great-great-grandparents. Today, the team of La Mar Salada runs both establishments, which are very close to each other. And they actually share clientele.

La Mar Salada takes its day off on Tuesday, which is unusual, because the restaurants usually close on Mondays, but that was precisely what made Ramon Cid contradict the custom. "In the Barceloneta there are lots of restaurants, and so if Can Ros closes on Tuesdays, we will always be full on Monday.” The idea worked and La Mar Salada now also closes on Tuesdays.

Restaurant La Mar Salada
Pg Joan de Borbó, 58 - 08003 - Barcelona
 +34 93 221 21 27  -   +34 93 221 10 15

Restaurant Can Ros
Almirall Aixada, 7 - 08003 - Barcelona
 +34 93 221 45 79  -   +34 93 221 50 49


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  • Parking Pg. Joan de Borbó
  • Parking Pl. del Mar

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